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The Johar Market Fire in Semarang City
Laporan Bencana - Kebakaran
Written by Egga   
Tuesday, 12 May 2015 17:55

The Johar Market Fire in Semarang City.

There has been a fire in Johar market, Semarang City on 9th of May 2015. Witnesses said that the fire started from Jalan Pedamaran caused 4.719 kiosks out of 7.871 burnt down. The Regional Disaster Management Agency of Semarang City assessed the location site with the help of Semarang City Fire Department (FD) along with 12 units of fire truck, Kendal Regency FD with 1 unit of fire truck, Semarang Regency FD with 1 unit fire truck, Demak Regency FD with 1 unit of fire truck, Kudus Regency FD with 1 unit of fire truck plus 5 units of water tank from Regional Water Drinking Company of Semarang City.

On Monday 11th of May 2015, there is a few fire points spotted and soon be extinguished by the Firefighter Crews. The fire covered 5.879 square meters area in Northern building of Johar market, 5.703 square meters area in Central building of Johar market, 4.768 square meters area in Southern building of Johar market, 7.585 square meters area in Yaik Permai market.

In general, 23.935 square meters area of Johar market was burnt down. Physical loss of the market building according to Semarang City Government reaches up to Rp.60.316.200.000,00 while from the traders the loss reaches up to Rp.316.113.000.000,00.

So, the total loss due to the fire of Johar market in Semarang City were up to Rp.376.429.200.000,00. Today, the cause of the fire is still on the investigation of the Central Java Police Department Forensic Lab Team, casualties were reported zero.

Emergency Response Status was set up for the next 14 days start from 11th – 24th of May 2015, The Firefighter Crews were alerted on the disaster site. The temporary market has been prepared and planned to be open soon. The public kitchens were also gathered in the location site to accommodate any logistics both for the Firefighter crews and the local citizen.



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