Although, sport is a widely autonomous system that follows specific rules and dynamics it is open to the allocation of meanings and new functions but also to societal changes. All subjects will deal with the development of sport policy and the structure of the sport system. Sport in development policy – development , approaches and implementation in Germany Start of Research: Concretely the differences of the selected countries are examined and analyzed, in view of the to be investigated criteria in the youth sport area. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to analyze sports development in South Korea, where it lacks of data about sport policy which adopted the macro and meso level approaches. South Korea has become a sports power in the world with the help of huge investment in elite athlete development system and successful holding mega event such as the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup.

Through theory and methodology, an applicable categorization should be developed to be able to investigate European youth sport system with a holistic design. In addition you have the possibility to apply for external PhD scholarships. Body language in Sport. The aim of the planned Doctoral Thesis lies within a systematic analysis of the multi-dimensional and complex policy field youth sport and a comparison at multinational level. To achieve the goals mentioned above, the thesis is divided into three parts: In recent years, sport is considered as a practical vehicle to deal with social, cultural, and economic issues around the world.

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Dissertation: Volker Czimek

The aim of the scientific thesis is to analyse the Ukrainian sport policy, their structures and the processes which extent influence on the development of mass sport and leisure sport.

Methodologically a literature and documentary inquiry will be conducted as groundwork. The Department Gender and Diversity Management also offers a number of funding programmes to support researchers and parents dshx science.


Thereby the missing structures or the lacking dwhs between various stakeholder are criticized.

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Finally, as a result of the previous steps, the efficiency and capability of the Ukrainian sport policy shall be presented exemplarily. This consideration is complemented by investigations concerning sustainability of the initiated measures.

Methodologically a literature and documentary inquiry will be also conducted and semi-structured interviews will be undertaken with senior officers and experts who relate to sport institutions and organizations in South Korea. Modern sports — a trade-off between societal and economic influencing factors. Please click here for an overview of all scientific institutes with the respective contacts: Sources are literature produced by the sports club such as celebratory publications, club papers or charters.

The health and physical activity of children and teenager currently counts as polarizing topic. The conferred degree options are: Besides the multinational analysis and the consideration on supranational level, the policy field youth sport will be set in a European context and will be discussed with regard to the Europeanization approach.

Which are the main motives of the target group for a spiritual travel based on yoga? The dissertation will explore and analyse the role of sports for development S4D and the different interventions of S4D in increasing youth competencies and employability skills by focusing on the theoretical aspect of the education and employment system in Palestine, as well as comprehensive data from the field; youth, decision makers, policies, and statistics.

SFD programmes are concerned with sport participation, gender, socialisation, and education issues, and are directly related to children, women, disabled, and disadvantaged people.

In addition you have the possibility to apply for external PhD scholarships. The respective language requirements have to be fulfilled: Analysis of gaze behavior of referees in volleyball.

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Palestine is a country that is under lots of political and economic pressure associated with conflict and oppression from both the Israeli occupation and internal struggles between Fatah and Hamas political parties, thus the Palestinian society and especially youth have become increasingly split and suffering from many divisions and obstacles.


Aim of this interdisciplinary project is to analyse moral concepts, ideals and lifestyle of professional soccer players in order to disclose the influence of the mentioned factors on their wellbeing and dissretation performance.

In addition, South Korea is a country of the unique example whose status has changed from an aid-recipient country to a donor country. How can spiritual tourism be used in destination development and social projects? This dissertation aims to carry out an in-depth analysis of modern sports with a focus on the impact of societal and economic factors on their development.

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You can find further information in our data privacy statement. Thesis papers and dissertations Courses Internship Close cluster foldout. Elite sport in South Korea has improved dramatically over the past 60 years. Goal of the planned research project is to analyze the general gaze behavior of both referees of a volleyball match.

dissertation dshs köln

So far, this area of research was mostly concerned with evaluating the specific characteristics and the development of modern sports in comparison to traditional sports. The choice of products is growing steadily. With a combination of theoretical approaches coming from Sports Europeanization, Sports Globalization and Sports Governance, he aims to discover how the increase of the possibilities to recruit basketball players has affected the youth development programs in these countries.

The panel study of dissertatlon in a sports club is based on sources of chosen sports clubs.