You should know auditory canal, eardrum, ossicles, acoustic or aural reex, Eustachian tube, cochlea, basilar membrane, auditory nerve. Analgesics used for pain relief, Antibiotics, Anti-histamines widely used in cold cures, Cough suppressants, Decongestants, Pep pills or Sleeping tablets may reduce the fitness to work in aircraft maintenance. Describe how you would replace a PCB and the precautions you would take. Working environment interact, for example: Decision making is the generation of alternative courses of action based on available information, knowledge, prior experience, expectation, context, goals, etc. Anonymous 12 August at

Vibration in aircraft maintenance engineering is usually associated with the use of rotating or percussive tools and ancillary equipment, such as generators. This is a transitional phase between waking and sleeping. Indrajith Ranasinghe 9 December at List NDT techniques commonly used for inspecting aircraft structure and components. Are the resources available to do it effectively safely, accurately and within the time permitted? Anonymous 10 March at

Visual acuity is the ability of the eye to discriminate sharp detail at varying distances.

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Ask others to check your work. Tomo Tan 14 October at Communication between teams will involve passing on written reports of tasks from one shift supervisor to another. Visual inspection Visual inspection can be described as the process of using the eye, alone or in conjunction with various aids to examine and evaluate the condition of systems or components of an aircraft.


Unknown December 23, at 8: Describe how tooling is controlled within a Part maintenance organization. Sagara Prabhath Wickramasinghe 3 March at Anonymous 20 March at Anonymous 10 June at Describe how you would fault find the system and how you would rectify the defect.

easa m9 essay

Newer Post Rssay Post Home. Coping is the process whereby the individual either adjusts to the perceived demands of the situation or changes the situation itself. Furthermore, information communicated at shift handover ensures good continuity.

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I have exam next week. Explain in some detail what areas of a approved company need to be audited by the company’s quality department. Please study the Basic Function of the Eye! Eszay stress management techniques include: Discuss work to be done or what has been completed.

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Situation awareness is the synthesis of an accurate and up-to- date ‘mental model’ of one’s environment and state, and the ability to use this to make predictions of possible future states. Whilst longer shifts may result in greater fatigue, the disadvantages may be offset by the fact that fewer shift changeovers are required i.


After a heavy landing, describe what essayy you would carry out including what questions you would ask the flight crew.

Hi guys check out this app https: Cones function in good light and are capable of detecting one detail and are color sensitive. In addition, a maintenance task may require multiple teams hangar, planning department, technical library, management each with their own responsibilities.

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Anonymous 16 April at Ask a technical representative or someone who knows. They are much more sensitive at lower light levels. Muhammed Umar Ata 18 September at Latent failures are dormant and may lead to ewsa A mistake is not intended An error is not intended e. I ask questions and essay answers in module 9 too.

easa m9 essay

I would appreciate if anyone having those send to my email: Different stressors affect different people to varying extents.