Ways to Experience Golconda Fort. Marriott Executive Apartments Hyderabad. It also includes a war mosque. I was steeped in curiosity at the many nooks and crannies that this fortified hill had to offer the first time I visited. The fort is built on a granite hill at a height of around meters and is bordered by thick walls. What is the difference between Indian and Islamic style of architecture? Show reviews that mention.

Golkonda is renowned for the diamonds found on the south-east at Kollur Mine near Kollur, Guntur district , Paritala and Atkur in Krishna district and cut in the city during the Kakatiya reign. The fort is built on a granite hill at a height of around meters and is bordered by thick walls. Ask a question from people who travelled to Golconda Fort recently. A World Heritage Site. The spandrels have yalis and decorated roundels. August 18, at 4:

August 15, at 4: August 16, at 4: Golkonda’s mines yielded many diamonds. Even today after almost years, the fort stands as not only Hyderabad’s greatest architectural wonders, but of whole India too. Its wall comprises of 8 gates and 87 bastions each one reaching the height of feet.

This prevented elephants and soldiers during enemy attacks from having a proper ramp to run and break the gate.

essay on golconda fort in telugu language

India’s highest rated travel app 4. The fort is a great example of harmony among the various communities in the earlier days.

Why is the Golconda Fort special?

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By the s, “Golkonda” was being used generically by English speakers to refer to any particularly rich mine, and go,conda to any source of great wealth. This last time I visited with some Hyderabadi friends with the sole purpose of taking some pictures.

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essay on golconda fort in telugu language

The Golconda fort had technology way ahead of its time, it had piped water being brought from a secret lake called Durgam Cheruvu Now it has the swanky Inorbit Mall next to it. See all 4, reviews. It is excellent if you just want to do some hiking also.

At a distance of 11km to the west of Hyderabad, rests the historic Golconda Fort, which was once known to be a landmark that governed the destiny of South India. The spandrels have yalis and decorated roundels.

It also has two mosques which have motifs from not only from Hinduism in form of lotus but also from various branches of Islam like Shia and Sunni.

Why is the Golconda Fort special?

The grandeur, the rise, and the fall of the essa are all spectacular in their own right. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. It is built on a point which is quite rocky. It is one of biggest fortress in the Deccan Plateau that rests above the land at approximately ft.


Top Places to Visit In Hyderabad. The first line of the wall contains town, the second line is a double wall that runs around the foot of the hill on which the citadel stands. Built around 12th and 16th Century by various Qutub Shahi rulers, this fort has a rich history that is almost years old.

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Bala Hissar Gate is the main entrance to the fort located on the eastern side. Actually I saw it in many gooconda films from then I was very exited to visit this place. Since the local transportation system of the city is quite good, it connects the various parts of the city and makes the travel pretty much convenient.

essay on golconda fort in telugu language

It is located at 11 km far from Hyderabad. Ways to Experience Golconda Fort. The technique that was used was of advanced acoustics.

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It has three lines of massive fortification walls one within the other and rise to a height of over 12 m. An acoustic effect can be experienced at Fateh Darwazaan, characteristic of the engineering marvels at Golkonda. Use a dustbin to throw garbage.