During the whole era of Sikh possession, Ranjit Singh added numerous domes on the upper ramparts. I think it is a wonderful city. Yes, I do want to visit Lahore again. The elegance of the splendid monument is matchless. A visit of Lahore Fort Shahi Qila in The high outer walls of the Shahi Qila are decorated with blue kashi tiles of Persian origin.

Thank you very much for these kind comments Lahoreee. Some amendments to the Fort were taken place during the times of British period starting in for housing amenities for colonial functions. A group of women passing who saw me sitting on the floor thought I must be a Muslim because I was wearing a shawl over my head. In the meanwhile, let me suggest when next time you visit pakistan must go to nothern areas, like gillgit, naran kaghan and dont forget to see the K2 you will see what Nature has given us, So called terroriest state,. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. Wahgah border ceremony pictures and interesting information.

I wanted to come, also I wanted to see how Lahore has changed in the last couple gisit years, with the new roads, etc. Some articles have Google Maps embedded in them.

Lahore Fort or Shahi Qila and its attractions

King Shah Jahan built this Sheesh Mehal in the year to The Fort or the Shahi Qila also contains gardens and a mosque. It is a chamber which was decorated with the white marble.


essay on visit to shahi qila

It is very big place,i like it very much. The high outer walls of the Shahi Qila are decorated with blue kashi tiles of Persian origin.

Paragraph on My Favorite Historical Place

Ask AfricaEddie about Lahore Fort. I like many all historical palaces. Useful Links Wikipedia, free encyclopedia http: The residential section of the fort is arranged in courts along the northern half of the fort and is accessed by the Hathi Pol, or ‘elephant gate’.

This gate was built by Aurangzib and it leads into the large courtyard of the Diwan-i-Amm, or hall of esday audience.

I have published a couple of books and have started on one about the Khewra Salt Mine. Ask Kamran M about Lahore Fort. You are so great with your photography!

You must be logged in to post a comment. Fort RoadLahorePakistan. In September I visited the Badshahi Mosque for the first time. I had a visit of this place too, its beautifully made inside.

The fort is located in the northwestern corner of Lahore, adjacent to the Shah City. It is a beautiful place and I sat in the cool on the carpet and enjoyed the peace and tranquility. Its beautiful marble and of course costly too. It is really a beautiful building.


The Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila) | Historical places of pakistan

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essay on visit to shahi qila

Few nominal amounts are charged to enter in this area. Its verandah is very spaces. The capacity of badshahi masque 2 laces people to offer their payer at time.

Review of Lahore Fort. Light at that time is good for photography.

essay on visit to shahi qila

My visit to Badshahi Mosque. It looks like you have spent lots of time in Pakistan. Actually, I learned more of his history than that of the Mosque but he was an engaging old man.

I like your photos.