Next Tuesday will be your last day in primary school You have been given so many amazing skills both academically from your teachers but also life skills that you get to take forward into high school and your lives. Fourth, give ielts writing task 2 discussion essay structure peso for every ten you earn. As you know, there are a huge number of different types of cars in the world. And may your future be worthy of your dreams. We sincerely thank all to those who helped and supported us and all our guests who attended this momentous event.

Valedictory Speeches You are the Best: This year you all participated in the most amazing production of Seussical. Our priest, teachers, and mentors were a great help for me, pointing to me the right way. She understands the chaos that modern mother experience. I want to do this!

graduation speech pasasalamat

Pasaszlamat you still keep driving, and it takes quite a while, then that means you have a long-term goal, and if it takes shorter, then you have a short-term goal. Graduation Day — such a momentous occasion that will be cherished even when you leave Southville. To achieve is to go and begin to take steps closer to your goal. It is time for you to feel amazing. You are all very loved and tonight while you are in the good books it is a speeech time to ask for a raise in your pocket money.

These detours serve as advantages for a more convenient way to reach your goals, but are not vehicles to be boastful for. So much to do and paasalamat little time to get it all done.


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If we had managed to retain this business, I would not need to make a living giving graduation speeches. You cannot have one if you are still holding the other.

Today is a day worth remembering all the hard work and sacrifice of all the graduates this school year. During the presentation of graduates, we encourage you to express your pride by applauding and cheering, but the use of air horns is expressly forbidden.

Pin It on Pinterest. What you really want is to be surround by people you trust and treasure and by people who cherish you. Yet thanks to that versatile, gigabyte hard-drive of yours, and a million Starbucks cups, you made it today.

Just remember the 3As: To the underclass corps, thank you for being part of our cadetship. Followed by our guests, administrators, and the faculty and staff. You want your life and your career to be meaningful. You can take different turns, but your goal will always be there, at the end.

To my friends, my batchmates and classmates, thank you for just about everything. But I have had personal failures as well.

Problem solving absenteeism officials have recognized the negative impact of the war on the civilians, foremost the students.


Now, do you remember the 3As? We are all very different and that is OK.

graduation speech pasasalamat

This is the part when you have to keep running. Life flies by so quickly. You get to choose how you act in high school How much work you put into it How many opportunities you grab with both hands and make the most of How you get to look after your bodies and your mind Who you get to hang out with and these choices can make all the different to where you end up in life. Fourth, give ielts writing task 2 discussion essay structure peso for every ten you earn. There are also puddles and cracks which may get in your way, like obstacles and challenges in real life do.


Your journey to success is like a car on a road trip. I sat in the audience and was blown away by the effort and dedication that not only you but your teachers put into it.

To all my teachers since preschool until 6th grade, thank you for speecn a part of my journey. MORENO, colleagues, members of the graduating batch, parents, guardians, visitors, friends, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant, welcoming and joyous morning! It is OK to be you. So I begin these remarks with the expectation that I will soon be forgotten. First, hug and kiss those who helped get you to this day — parents, grandparents, friends, teachers.