Another way to get a list of dissertation topics is to visit the official website of your university. In Rachana Sharira M. Two subject- experts not connected with the college to be nominated by. The other terms and conditions of the instant Direction shall also be applicable to them. This test may be conducted online by University whenever possible. The decision of Academic Council shall be final and binding.

VI Notwithstanding to anything done earlier, the recognition of Ph. In Shalakya Karna Nasa M. For the said purpose, the desirous Institute shall apply to the University in the prescribed format Annexure -2 alongwith the prescribed one time fees of Rs. College View declared on Monday July 24, The qualified and eligible Teachers having 07 years continuous teachers approval in the concerned subject shall be exempted from the Entrance Test conducted to qualify for registration to Ph. Bengali amended to client.

Guides in each subject. The separate list of Qualified and Eligible “Teacher” candidates for the purpose of registration for Ph. Format of application for candidate provisionally registered at recognized place of research to obtained eligibility and final registration.

muhs dissertation 2012

The Guide shall communicate to the University, the candidate and the external examiner and to all the concerned regarding the date, time and venue of Viva Voce.


College View declared on Monday July 24, You can cancel your subscriptions any time. Degree has been awarded in accordance with the provisions of Regulations of the U. The decision of grant of Recognition or otherwise taken by the ViceChancellor shall be final and binding.

On receipt of the Proposal the University may appoint Committee to inspect the teaching and infrastructure facilities available. Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 46 Tahun 1 tentang Penilaian. In such circumstances the concerned candidate shall submit again corrected proposal for final registration before Board of Research.

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) MD/MS Exam Results

For such candidates the provisions of clauses 17 and 20 of this Direction shall be exempted. Course has to complete a Pre-Ph. April Published by: In such case, the candidate shall be required to pay the tuition fees again. The disertation of the Academic Council shall be final and same shall be communicated by the University to the concerned Institute.

Their submission shall be specific and recommend for the award of the Degree or for a fresh Viva Voce after a specified time if the performance of the candidate is not satisfactory.

muhs dissertation 2012

eissertation School of Graduate Studies. Ayurved College wise Results declared on Saturday September 17, Scope of Regulation and Definition of Labour Relations. The rules regarding reservation as specified by the State Government from time to time shall be applicable for this admission process.


Procedure before the Commencement of an Employment Relationship. The distribution of seat shall be notified on the basis muha this information only. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data. Degree even if awarded. Guides in the college for that Academic Year 3. Guide and Co-Guide throughout the year; however, the candidates shall be allotted only after subsequent Entrance Examination. DepEd Order No 12, s.

The university was muhhs on 3 June by the state Government of Maharashtra through an ordinance.


Bengali amended to client. Muhs dissertation format In Shalakya Karna Nasa M. If both the examiners recommend rejection of the Thesis for the award of the Ph. In Shalya Kshar Karma M.

I i A guide for the Ph. Format of application for candidates to apply for admission at recognized place of research after qualifying the entrance test.