This make their parents worried about. This scenario occurs because children spend more time with their friends than parents. In conclusion, parents should be who direct and make important decisions for their teenage children. Because the decision is not determined by them, they may be do not like it , although their parents believe that this is the best choice for their kids. Imagine if this child do not love to become a doctor but their parents force them to be a doctor. Besides that, parents also have their right to setting up an ambition for their children in future.

For my opinion, the children should understand what their parents make for their life because it is all for their benefits. Children can be impulsive and may make wrong decisions. They will always think about earning money for their family members and for their future. Indian universities vs Foreign universities. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! As a parent we must know what our child want and try to know their friends by invite their friends come to house and have some conversation.

For example parent should have men to men talk with their child about foncerned further their study in sciences stream or art stream to get a right decision then both side will agree and it will easy in conversation for both side. Parent or child, its not a single person who is entitled to choose about the career options for the child, rather it should carers mutual effort guided by complete evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, ability and willingness of esday child and scope of option proposed in future.

But they fail to notice that it is their own life and the life should be choosen by themselves. Other than that, we think we have mature enough and can make our decision by own. It goes the same to the teenage.


In my opinion, nowadays the teenage children should be giving the opportunity to make decision in certain manner of their life. In this era, many crime are there. For example, a matter about serious relationship and friends. In my opinion, I believe that parents should make important decisions because teenage is a very important period for their children. Write a composition giving a balanced point of view. Who should choose the career of a child – parents or childre Also, comparing with children, their parents probably possess more experience.

As for my experience, at first my parents suggested to do lower six studies which is STPM. But nowadays, studies are one off the most important thing in life to live peacefully in future. They need to know what kind of friends their children have and how children spend their spare time. Parents, on the other hand, should not to intervene every time in life of their teenage children and give them an opportunity to make their own decisions, their own mistakes.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

Despite his parents wanted him to put these money on the bank account, they let Viraj to make his own choice how to spend it. Caresrs, only parents know what they do and they only just want to protect their children.


Last but not least, it does not meant the teenagers cannot make own decision, but for important things for their future, parents should have right to ensure their children have a good future. In their age a lot of friends their have. The most important decision that parent must care is about education, most of the child after PMR they want to continue their further study, to take SPM examination they should fine the best to continue study in science, accountant or etc.

Concernsd give their children a lot of money, allow them to do everything, to make any decisions. Some people says not because of the friends our children become bad person or something like that, but the reality one friends is the one of the main factors.


It was true sometimes teenage children cannot accept that, but they should think positively why their parents do that, what is the rational parenta what is going to happen if esasy do not do the decision for you. Children should leave the choice of their career on their parents and must focus on the on-going exams. Parents should make decision for their children so that in future our children get the best one in their life. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

Although age around is teenage children want to enjoyed in their life. Use specific reasons and examples.

Parents know best as far as careers are concerned Essay Example for Free – Sample words

My cousins, Viraj, was seventeen years old when he won a lottery. Children should realize that parents because of their life experience sometimes are able to make more correct decision than a child himself.

Write at least words.? Because of that, I strongly agree that with the statement which is parents and other adult relatives should make important decision for their teenage children. Teenagers are the middle age after growing up from the children and before being an adult to make proper decisions in life.

This is because this statement is very important that parents and other adult relatives give their decision.