Our strategy for managing our existing kV overhead line distribution network on the SPM network. In July Ofgem published a progress update, but deferred a final decision on the cost of equity range until December. Request a call back. Annex Volume C6 Section C. Annex Volume C8 Section C.

Sort Relevancy Date Added. We use cookies to to enhance the service we deliver you. Our strategy for the replacement and refurbishment of kV substation plant assets through the ED1 period. Changes to our plan. Network Size Amendments Assurance. Our Plan — Chapter 7.

SP Energy Networks seeks consumer views on RIIO-2 investment strategy

Independent validation of key elements of the Transform Model to project the future expenditure required to manage the connection of Low Carbon Technologies LCTs to the distribution network.

This document also links into our Innovation Strategy and Smart Metering Strategy, explains how we will develop new solutions for the future network and how these will form part of our expenditure in the future. Our strategy for identifying key risks and uncertainties affecting our business plan over and the scale of their impact and determining what controls are or can be put in place to manage these risks and uncertainties.

A description of our overarching Stakeholder Engagement approach and the engagement process we have undertaken in developing this Business Plan. Risk and Uncertainty Insurance Strategy Our strategy for mitigating an appropriate level of risk through transfer by insurance. Protective Equipment and Supporting Systems Strategy Our strategy for asset replacement, refurbishment and repair activities during the ED1 period associated with protection systems installed in SPD and SPM networks as well as other assets which play a major role in the protection of the network.


Written Evidence to Scottish Affairs Committee. These have been developed in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders including national and local government as well as customers. A detailed description of the engagement activities that were undertaken in preparing this business plan, the feedback we received and the outputs that are contained within the plan as a result.

Network Size Amendments Assurance. Distribution Business Plan Supporting Annexes. Scottish Power to raise prices for second time this year.

SP Energy Networks seeks consumer views on RIIO-2 investment strategy | Current News

Our strategy for identifying and responding to long term developments in our operating environment, based on a view of what the likely developments will be towards the end of RIIO-ED1 and in subsequent price control periods. Annex Volume C8 Section C. Context — Chapter 3.

sp energy networks riio business plan

Rising Mains and Laterals Strategy. Legal and Safety Strategy. Our comprehensive strategy and roadmap for delivering outstanding customer satisfaction through the current price control period DPCR5through ED1 and beyond.

sp energy networks riio business plan

You can control the non-essential cookies in your browser settings and using the 3rd party links. An independent assessment of the process recently undertaken by SPEN to update the volume of asset movements eligible for HI reporting purposes enerty the associated processes for reporting HI profiles and energu, including and assessment of whether the processes adopted to amend the volumes of asset movements were robust, effectively implemented, and thus provide an accurate representation of HI profiles and capital plan delivery.


sp energy networks riio business plan

Our strategy for the replacement and refurbishment of 11kV plant assets through the ED1 period. Several scenarios of how best to invest in these challenges will also be outlined. Context — Chapter 2. Our Plan — Chapter 8. Our strategy for the replacement and refurbishment of LV plant assets through the ED1 period.

We explain our ambition to create a future proofed data infrastructure that will allow us to take full advantage of smart meter information in a range of different areas. Asset Health and Criticality. We describe how we have developed the plans and how we have worked to ensure that they are as cost efficient as possible.

Annex Volume B3 Section B. I Accept More Information. In addition, the panel will be asked to raise questions on each business plan, to be put towards the network companies when Ofgem holds open hearings on business plans in spring SP Energy Networks appoints former energy minister.

Our Plan — Chapter 5. Energy losses arise for a variety of technical and non-technical reasons and this section describes the different types of distribution losses. Sort Relevancy Date Added.

Our strategy for the management of rising and lateral mains assets through the ED1 period.