As per case, increasing one unit availability can lead to 0. Case study is not only about the numbers you show. They have appropriately accounted for costs regarding the capital expenditure, implementation and maintenance. So, when that limit is achieved, revenue and gross margins growth become stagnant and there is no incremental cost reduction. To improve the operating effectiveness and efficiency, the top manager of Whirlpool had determined to introduce a ERP system and expected it would decrease the operating cost. What are your major concern s?

As per case, 0. Such benefits would further improve the company profitability and thus make a strong case in favor of ERP system. As the product availability increases, the units sold increase and consequently revenues and gross margins rise. Basic Data used in the analysis: The project aims to achieve this is multiple stages. RecommendationOn the basis of the analysis, it is recommended that Whirlpool Europe should invest in project Atlantic.

Problem Whirlpool Europe is a very large organization that functions its operations in 11 plants, two central and 12 regional distribution centers, and a country sales office in each major European market.

Capital BudgetingThe ERP investment is financially evaluated on the basis of after-tax cash flow estimations for the years To simplify, tax will be calculated based on the following formula: At last, we analyzis make a sensitive analysis and find 3 most important variables.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The accuracy with which the cash flows after can be forecasted will also influence the decision to incorporate these cash flows in the analysis.

whirlpool europe npv analysis case study

So, the incorporation of cash flows beyond depends upon the accuracy with which these cash flows can be forecasted. They have appropriately accounted for costs regarding the capital expenditure, implementation and maintenance. At the same time, during the transition phase, the processes might not be very effective, which might result in lost sales and increased costs.


whirlpool europe npv analysis case study

It is about how you come up with analyss numbers and how solid you can defend your calculations. Afterwards, the net cash flow begins to increase, reaches its maximum and observes a declining trend from there onward. However, be sure to keep pure companywide effects separate from individual Wave effects.

Interpreting the Case Exhibits? In such a case, the cash flows beyond would not be attributable to project Atlantic, and the company will have to make separate cash flow projections. The firing of employees would further fuel the threat of job loss, causing de-motivation and resulting in hindrance in the way of successful implementation.

The margin in Exhibit 3 is the dollar amount left after deducting costs of goods sold COGS from revenues. Suppose data is identical with The cash flows related to this project would only euroep beyondif the company does not plan to abandon the project in favor of some other advanced system which might be available at that point in time. So, we make analysis with a conservative analydis to ignore its strategic value and merely from purely financial angle. Thus, we choose to ignore it in tax calculation.



Another benefit is the improvement in supplier, manufacturer and customer relationship that integrates sales, forecasting and inventory management functions. Its main products include microwave ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers etc. Do not forget to account for euroep increase in profit margins as well as detailed in Exhibit 5! Cae the short-term, the company can expect the existing business conditions to prevail, or the company has the information to predict the hanges in business environment.


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Would you recommend the proposed ERP investment? Moreover, the project would require changes in several processes across 11 countries, which creates doubts as to whether the company would be able to effectively integrate the new system across all the processes and thus meet the projections. The case write-up is due on Wednesday December 15 before class. The project aims to achieve this is multiple stages.

Make sure that you address all the eurrope questions.

whirlpool europe npv analysis case study

This is the gross profit. However, these disperse factories brought a big challenge for its logistic system and sales system etc. This leads to high unnecessary inventory, and in some cases, stock outs.

Whirlpool Europe Erp Case

Moreover, the company may incorporate major changes in the ERP system itself which may require significant investment.

The case analysis of S This would in turn, affect the cash flow projections for the project. To get the margin in dollar terms foryou then multiply this fraction with whatever the forecasted revenues in are for that particular wave.

Project Atlantic aims to make the company more responsive to the demand uncertainty.