John Adams, proceeded on their journey to Lord Howe, on Staten Island, the two former in chairs, and the latter on horseback. Harrison reported that the committee had taken into consideration the matters referred to them, and had come to sundry resolutions, which he was ordered to deliver in. Believe me, my countrymen, they have imbibed an opinion on the other side the water, that we are an ignorant, a timid, and a stupid people; nay, their tools on this side have often the impudence to dispute your bravery. The design of his visit was, as I soon perceived, to sound me in relation to General Washington. Agreeable to the order of the day, the Congress resolved itself into a committee of the whole, to take into consideration the letter from General Washington of the 9th instant, and the trade of the Colonies after the first of March; and after some time, Mr. I became therefore at once an ardent advocate for this motion, which we carried, not without great difficulty.

Ordered, that it be referred to the board of war. Experience and skill might have been deficient in several particulars; but where could we find greater experience or skill? Franklin, it would be childish in us to depend upon such a pledge, and insisted on taking him over with us, and keeping our surety on the same side of the water with us. Ordered, That the board of war furnish the committee of treasury with the names of the British officers, and other prisoners, who are entitled to the allowance made by Congress of two dollars a week, with the times of their captivity and the places where they are quartered. Lee, and seconded by J. Deane, we appointed his brother-in-law, Captain Saltonstall. Captain Diamond and Captain Inlaker came on board and breakfasted; two prisoners taken with Manly in the Hancock, and lately escaped from Halifax.

Gifford, I look back with a sort of skepticism, on the application of those days, and cannot account for the possibility of finding time, amidst all my employments in Congress and the board of war, to write and copy the letters I find in my books. When I asked leave of Congress to make a visit to my constituents and my family in November,it was my intention to decline the next election, and return to my practice at the bar. Thus, as postponement and embarrassment had been for many months the object, we now had all our business to go over again.

Langdon did the same. With this record the Diary has been compared, and such extracts from it as tend to illustrate the text have been placed in the Notes.

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On the same day. Jefferson were appointed a committee to hear Tudor, and revise the articles. These were new, strange, and terrible doctrines to the greatest part of the members, but not a very small number heard them with apparent pleasure, and none more than Mr.


And many who have not scrupled to examine for themselves, have yet for certain prudent reasons been cautious and diffident of declaring the result of their ths. In Congress, Jefferson never spoke, and all the labor of the debate on those articles, feudzl by paragraph, was thrown upon me, and such was the opposition, and so undigested were the notions of liberty prevalent among the majority of the members most zealously attached to the public cause, that to this day I scarcely know Edition: Sometime in Disserttion, worn down with long and uninterrupted labor, I asked and obtained leave to visit my State and family.

For this purpose they laid very early the foundations of colleges, and invested them with ample privileges and emoluments; and it is remarkable that they have left among their posterity so universal an affection and veneration for those seminaries, and for liberal education, that the meanest of the people contribute cheerfully to the support and maintenance of them every year, and that nothing is more generally popular than projections for the honor, reputation, and dissertxtion of those seats of learning.

A regiment might possibly be obtained, of the meanest, idlest, most intemperate and dissertatioj, but no more.

a dissertation on the canon and feudal law 1765

A committee of the whole. Two reports from the board of war, with resolutions in consequence of them, as in the Journal. We therefore could do nothing but keep our eyes fixed on the great objects of free trade, new governments, and independence of the United States, and seize every opening opportunity of advancing step by step in our progress. These feelings among the Virginia delegates were a great injury to us.

If these papers should hereafter be read by disinterested persons, they will perhaps think that I took too much upon me, in assuming the office vissertation preceptor to the army. These things had occasioned some words and animosities, which, uniting with the great questions in Congress, had some disagreeable effects.

Paine, be a committee to bring in a resolve for that purpose. Here is an instance, in addition to many others, of an extraordinary liberty taken by the secretary, I suppose at the instigation of the party against independence, to suppress, by omitting on the Journals, the many motions that were made disagreeable to that set. I returned, also, to my almost daily exhortations to the institution of Governments in the States, and a declaration of independence.

A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law by John Adams

Jefferson, be a committee to prepare a device feucal a seal for the United States of America. On Monday, March 25th, I made a motion, and laid it in writing on the table, in these words,—.

a dissertation on the canon and feudal law 1765

In this lwa, in time, our American army was made equal to the veterans of France and England, and in this way the armies of France have been made invincible hitherto, and in the same way they will be ultimately conquered, or at least, successfully resisted by their enemies.


Another circumstance, of no more importance than the former, was so much celebrated in Europe, that it has often reminded me of the question of Phocion to his dissertatiom, when something he had said in public was received by the people of Athens with clamorous applause: As this was, in my opinion, the most critical and dangerous period of the whole revolutionary war; as all that I had seen and heard and read of the state of our army, made a great impression on my mind, and aroused the most alarming apprehensions, I will conceal nothing from 165.

That on the contrary, a man must renounce all these, and devote himself to labor, danger and death, and very possibly to disgrace and infamy, before he was fit in my judgment, in the Edition: It will readily be supposed that a great part of these instructions were opposed by our antagonists with great zeal; but they were supported on our side with equal ardor, and the acceptance of them afforded a strong proof of the real determination of a majority of Congress to go with us to oon final consummation of our wishes.

This disposition has been the great wheel and the mainspring in the American machine of court politics. They knew that government was a plain, simple, intelligible thing, founded in nature and reason, and quite comprehensible by common sense.

Lewis Morris, but no resolution of Congress into a committee of the whole. That it was a sense of duty, and a full conviction of an honest cause, and not any motives of ambition, or hopes of honor, or profit, which had drawn me into my present course. Noel, and by a captain and lieutenant of artillery, who are on board, all French gentlemen.

A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law – Teaching American History

Hopkins never drank to excess, but all he drank was immediately not only converted snd wit, sense, knowledge, and good humor, but inspired us with similar qualities. Deane among others, to attend Congress the next May; but on the second Thursday of October,the General Assembly of Governor and Company left him out.

But can any thing be more ridiculous, were it not too provoking to be laughed anf, than to pretend that offence should be taken at home for writings here?