I have been ABD for a few years but took time off to work full-time. How should I or should I? One question — I work as a non-tenure track faculty in a soft money institution. Quick question regarding abstracts and papers. Thank you for your time! I am trying to figure out how to include my business on my academic CV…I have an academic appointment, but I also run a business.

However I have also taught several courses multiple times. I was asked for my feedback but everyone in the dept was. Any other comments appreciated as well! Thanks for such a wonderful resource. Spring English Pastoral Poetry independent study: In a US context, having too much of that makes you look like a grad student. I am currently in the process of reviewing applications for a major national fellowship, and throughout the process one of the things I pay close attention to is how people present themselves.

To complicate the issue, the person is also acts as chair or co-chair of the same conference, although that work is separate from the committee work. Though, I suppose it does not hurt to make it abundantly clear that you were the only one responsible for the course.

Exepmlu have gone through most of your correspondence online and I feel you can be of assistance. There is a difference; the resume is a business document, the cv an academic one. I would suggest the following approach for folks in smaller humanities fields like mine: No need t elaborate—i designed, taught, graded, etc.


Please doublecheck with a trusted advisor. This is called a Book Review Essay. Now curruculum you have only one-off course adjuncting, and you are ABD, then yes, it is fine for you to launch directly into Publications. The comments and questions that have come up are just as useful also. I would appreciate your expertise and your honesty. So, I limited myself to a narrative description of the elements and organization.

I came back to school after a few years of working in research, and the research experience I have has been my currency. Thank you for your blog. Candidates seeking work in the UK or Canada might vtiae to consult with experts from those countries for opinions on whether this American model CV will work against candidates in searches there. Europass and you For jobseekers For pupils or students For employers For teachers or trainers For higher education staff.

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A self-assessment tool for language skills and qualifications. How do you format this so the second and subsequent lines look spiffy?

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Is it appropriate to underline or bold a big fellowship that might get lost in the list? I hold other part-time teaching positions in the area in which I am instructor of record, but I teach these labs at a more esteemed university. Give name of award and institutional location.

Any other comments appreciated as well! Also, if I include it as a fellowship or award do I list the amount it was worth? I have had a few internship and presented my currjculum research project at a couple conferences but have never been published.


My question is this.

curriculum vitae exemplu md

Okay to use the office and email address from my grad school department for now? What do you think of this idea? I freelance for the newspaper and have published quite a bit there.

And that brings me to my second reason, which is that of scale. What do you think of that? And should this section still go after Service, so far from the section on publications?

Does it make you more memorable or is it amateurish? Thanks for such a wonderful resource.

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SO I do not know who come first egg or the chicken. Obviously you would keep your own working copy in non-PDF format, but that one would not switch computers and platforms all that frequently.

curriculum vitae exemplu md

Could you possibly post an example of how you prefer to see one or two lines of publications being listed on a C.

My classroom duties and methodologies are conducive that for of an elementary teacher.