My research focuses primarily on theatre and literature, particularly on censorship, the representation of history and memory, and cinematic adaptations of plays and novels. My research ranges from the Enliightenment, Romanticism and Classicism to nineteenth-century varieties of Realism, Modernisms and contemprary literature. If after resit you fail more than one single module you will be required to leave the University. My research focusses on Caribbean and Mexican cultures. My current research projects centre mostly on: These will be specialists, publishing internationally recognized books and articles in their research fields.

Tina Kover, Snuggly Books, , I am also intersted in Creative Writing and contemporary French literature and would be happy to supervise students with an interest in 21 st -century French fiction. The module is available in two forms: I am also interested in translation history, and in the transmission of ideas from classical antiquity and the Middle Ages. I am also interested in the relationship between literature and visual and popular culture in the nineteenth century pantomime, circus, posters. I specialise in modern Middle Eastern literatures, film and cultures with a particular interest in the relationship between health, illness and disability. My current research area is two-fold:

My final-year module not available in is French Cinema: You will submit your dissertation in the first week of the dissertatiln term. In the table below, fill out two word statements of interest for dissertation topics that you would like to study. I would be happy to supervise projects on topics across these fields, including Catalan culture.

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Their role will be to guide and nurture your research ideas by recommending areas in which you should target your reading.

In order to facilitate the allocation of supervisors, these proposals must be substantially differentiated from one another, and will need to correspond to areas of specialism of two different MLAC research staff, as set out in the list on the School website. My research deals with the production of historical discourse in the Iberian peninsula beforebut I have a wide interest in narratives both written and visualparticularly those dealing with the representation of the past.

They will also assess the methodological, conceptual and structural validity of your approach to your topic, and encourage you to engage with broader theoretical and interdisciplinary agendas, as appropriate.


On Research Leavenot available for Dissertation supervision My main area of expertise is Italian early modern culture, broadly defined as the age spanning from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. Assessment of the dissertation will evaluate your ability to assimilate, understand and analyse critically the primary and secondary material associated with your topic, also your ability to present a sustained argument with suitable evidence, and to express yourself in a suitable register of English or the target language.

My main area of study is contemporary Spanish film and popular culture. The mark is reached by a diversity of methods, depending on the module. I also have a strong interest in the relation of French philosophy to anthropology and science particularly debates over the relationship between biology, evolution, culture and technology.

On Research Leave Term 1 Plan to be submitted to the supervisor by a date in weeks of Michaelmas term to be agreed in writing with the supervisor. I would be happy to supervise topics on any aspect of nineteenth-century French literature, as well as some aspects of twentieth-century French literature especially the nouveau romanon which I have taught a final-year module.

When devising a dissertatiom, think about the areas of interest that you have encountered during the moac of your studies in years 1 and 2, or about topics that could potentially interest you in the final-year modules you intend to take. Janpanese Dissertation 40 credits. On Research Leavenot available for Dissertation supervision My research focuses on eighteenth-century French theatre and libertine writings.

Learning Outcomes Subject-specific Knowledge:. Devising a Topic When devising a topic, think about the areas of interest that you have encountered during the course of your studies in years 1 and 2, or dissertationn topics that could potentially interest you in the final-year modules you intend to take. I am available to supervise dissertations on most areas of Renaissance French literature and culture whether or not they directly align with my own interests as well as the areas of medieval and Renaissance Italian literature on which I have some expertise.

I speak Spanish, German and French and am happy to supervise across languages. I also welcome comparative projects that focus on eighteenth-century French and Dutham cultures, and early nineteenth- and early twentieth mlzc English and Russian literature.

My dissertatiin in translation is centred mainly on the development of the 19th-century Arabic translation movement and, concomitantly, the changes that occurred in Modern Standard Arabic as a result of it.


durham uni mlac dissertation

More broadly, I work on Golden Age drama and its relationship to the contradictory socio-cultural environment that informs it.

Students must submit the online dissertation proposal form by a deadline towards the end of Easter term. I have taught and published on both of these strands and I will be happy to supervise up to two dissertations per year on topics related to the history of language theories, as well as Slavonic historical, contact or socioliguistics.

I have supervised dissertations on Nietzsche and nihilism, Nietzsche and Faust, the physiognomics of vampirism, word and image in German Romanticism, and on Kleist and genre.

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites Check the pre-requisites and co-requisites for the Dissertation in the relevant module outline in the Faculty Handbook. I am currently developing my research interests in modernity and visual culture diszertation a new context, connecting them to the emerging field of the energy humanities, with a specific focus on theoretical and cultural approaches to oil and its relation to cultural memory.

durham uni mlac dissertation

Current projects include lovesickness and courtly culture; Caravaggio and visual agency; Arcadian taste and the European Grand Tour; and the nineteenth-century debate on sacred art in Europe, with a particular attention to the intellectual exchanges between Rome and the British Empire.

What is the typical work pattern while I am at Durham? I have publishes on Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Italian literature and culture before Dante and its relationship with the Occitan tradition, classical reception in Italian literature, the history of Romance languages, textual criticism, the theory and practice of intertextuality, cultural relations in uhi Italy.

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My research is on visual culture and memory in the urban environment, on German travel cultures since the s, and on twentieth-century German literature and film, with a particular focus on the post era. Your Dissertation supervisor will also act as your Academic Yni in the final year, so your supervisory meetings should include some discussion of your overall academic progress during the year.

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