Nevertheless, madrasas are the only hope of education for children, mostly boys, who would otherwise be deprived of any educational opportunities. A US diplomatic cable expressed alarm that Saudi Arabian-financed madrassas were fostering “religious radicalism” in “previously moderate regions of Pakistan” [16] as children from impoverished families were sent to isolated madrassas, and once there often recruited for “martyrdom operations”. This ordinance was the amended form of the Societies Registration Act After his migration to Madina, a place was fixed for education purposes in the Mosque of the Prophet Masjid-e-Nabavi. Butt, Tahir Mehmood

These are some of the questions researchers could investigate. They did not adopt English as the language in existing Madaris and multiplied number of conventional Madaris in their bid to save their distinct identity, religion and culture. Retrieved 8 December Islamisation has become more or less synonymous with the politics of regime survival in Pakistan. South Asian Journal of Peacebuilding, Vol.

For instance, some temples in India offer medical services in the form of inoculation campaigns, and are willing to allow the government to use their premises for creating awareness on health issues. Efforts are still in progress to register as many madrasas as possible, and to introduce some secular subjects into that type of education system.

Madrasas in South Asia Teaching Terror? The issue of tackling religious extremism or indirectly, the issue of madrasa reforms in Pakistan has been on the agenda of the government. Strategy for Achieving Stability in Eduction Conditions in madrassas were “regularly condemned by human rights agencies” as “crowded and undisciplined” according to Pkistan Kepel.

Madrassas in Pakistan

Wafaq-ul-Madaris Shia, and 5. In case of Pakistan, the lack of proper educational institutions funded and managed by state as an alternative in rural areas has also intensified popularity of madrasas in society.


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Madrasa Education in Pakistan: In the Context of Government Policy

These are some of the questions researchers could investigate. The media and the government turned their attention towards the madrasas only after the September 11, terrorist attacks, as there was a growing perception that terrorism in the region is fueled by these madrasas.

One example of an institution attempting paksitan in this direction is the Dawah Academy of madrada International Islamic University in Pakistan, which offers professional courses to Imams, community leaders, new Muslims, etc.

Their monthly salaries vary between USD Although, the government has been encouraging to register the madrasa, but sense of curricular autonomy and superiority are the major impediments towards rational development of the institution. Based on discussions with all stakeholders in the process, can the government come out with an action plan that maps the process of reforms?

Available online at http: Ali, Islamic Education and Conflict: While in some of the other countries religious institutions are engaged in social work, madrasas in Pakistan have not been too involved in other kinds of social activities besides imparting education. Social and Political Role of Marrasa The Washington Quarterly, vol. The blame is to be shared by the society which isolates graduates of the madrasas, leading to a sense of alienation.

essay on madrasa education in pakistan

Perspectives of Religious Leaders in Pakistan. Autumn food and shelter they get or because their parents are unable to afford their formal school education.


It is also important to analyze an existing yet overlooked institutional mechanism i.

Madrassah Education in Pakistan Some Insights – Jahangir’s World Times

The study has been based on the pakietan experience of the writer who has extensively studied the Madrasa Literature of Pakistan while writing her Doctoral thesis. In some areas of Pakistan they outnumber the underfunded public schools. Historically, there has not been much cooperation between these organizations representing different schools of religious thought.

During the yearsthree model Madaris were established — one for girls in Islamabad, second in Sukkur and the third in Karachi; all three model Madaris are adjacent to Haji camps as the then Religious Affairs Minister, Dr.

Madrasa Education in Pakistan: In the Context of Government Policy

Similarly, the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy and the United States Institute of Peace are also working towards imparting training to madrasa teachers in Pakistan.

That failure, in turn, allowed the religious militants to flourish and grow in strength. Butt, Tahir Mehmood On the other hand, the so-called educated section of Pakistan with cadet, public and missionary school upbringings do not want to get associated with madrasas. The nuance of madrasa has kept changing through the ages. The sentiment of common people as anti-US and lack of Government credibility caused such failure.

essay on madrasa education in pakistan

State policy, religious networks and political connections. Wafaq-ul-Madraris Available from http: