The officer has been identified as Lt Col Niranjan. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Guwahati 2nd Assam Bhimajuli. Retrieved 8 January Loud explosion heard from inside the air base.

Four attackers and two security forces personnel were killed in the initial battle, with an additional security force member dying from injuries hours later. Law and order is a state subject, as opposed to a national subject. Another official kept in constant touch with Indian electronic and print media. If that were the case, why and how did six terrorists easily enter the airbase without detection and remained there undetected for more than 12 hours before an attack was launched? It presented its report in May Almost all major Indian newspapers published editorials advising the Indian government to “stay the course” and not serve the purpose of the attackers by stalling or suspending the peace dialogue with Pakistan. New Delhi—Lucknow Swarna Shatabdi Express , which left from Delhi, was stopped and checked thoroughly after a bomb threat on 2 January.

Their working conditions are poor, recruitment is influenced by political patronage, and their equipment is outdated. United Jihad Council claims responsibility for Pathankot attack.

essay on pathankot terror attack

For example, the Ministry of External Affairs Ezsay does this quite often when evacuating its citizens from theatres in the Persian Gulf affected by violence. These inadequacies include a preference for ad hoc responses, poor media management, and limited coordination and communication among actors both within and outside of the central government. Some agencies involved in the rescue operations appeared more interested in getting their five minutes of fame on television than in carrying out their duties professionally.

There was a wholesale devotion to ad hoc responses that could not keep up with very rapidly changing esay.

essay on pathankot terror attack

First terrorist was killed while he was climbing 10 meter high wall”. The senior official heading sesay division in the ministry handling the Persian Gulf countries assisted the minister of state by conveying regularly gathered information from Indian diplomatic missions in Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Qatar.


essay on pathankot terror attack

In the other two cases, we see an attempt to avoid transparent accounting, which reduces the likelihood of learning important lessons from how authorities handled these crises. January 2 Saturday Early morning 3. After the attack, the nation’s capital Delhi was put on high alert. In cases with an external dimension, the MEA will normally take on the responsibility of conducting such briefings.

The CCS considered these recommendations and approved all for implementation in essau decision adopted on May 11, The army had all the resources to achieve the same. The free-wheeling TV coverage from very close to the scenes of action became a valuable guide to the terrorists and their handlers to adapt their actions in response.

Security personnel ask media crew to move aside inside the airbase in Pathankot. Very soon, he became closely associated with Langah. Terrror example, kerosene is subsidized because it is ostensibly used by the poorest sections in the country, but more than 40 percent of all subsidized kerosene sold is esswy to the black market where it is resold for adulterating other more expensive fuels.

Therefore, it is surprising that the central ewsay, under advise from NSA Ajit Doval, decided to bring in the NSG from Delhi rather than request the army stationed there to be immediately deployed.

Despite its proximity to the Line of Control, this key Air Force base obviously had gaps in its security perimeter that allowed the armed terrorists, probably six in number, to enter the base undetected and hide for several hours before launching their murderous attack.

He advised India to review its stance by further saying, “India should create an environment of trust, as unfounded allegations only hamper the process of dialogue. Improved Information and Media Management.


The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market – The Takshashila Institution

Had the operation started right after the complaint by the SP, who was initially taken as a prisoner by the terrorists, valuable lives could have been saved.

The task force made several other recommendations related to different dimensions of national security. The transmitter was to be used to contact the other team of two or more terrorists within the base to launch a coordinated attack.

Officials addressed this situation by adopting two measures. The initial antiterrorist operations were carried out by the air force itself, but then the National Intelligence Agency was brought in. The mandate of the NIA probe will include entry of the militants into India, killing of ahtack taxi driver Ikagar Singh, kidnapping of Superintendent of Police-rank officer of Punjab Police, who was later released and entry into the IAF campus.

Following the attacks, the Indian and Pakistani governments both agreed to postpone apthankot diplomatic talks. edsay

The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market

artack They had been inducted into the police on compassionate grounds. All necessary actions were taken by us. Available evidence shows that the answer is negative. Four attackers and two security forces personnel were killed in the initial battle, with an additional security force member dying from injuries hours later.

There are other significant deficiencies for which Indian authorities ought to pursue urgent reforms, especially involving personnel, priorities, and governance. ISI agent held in Pathankot. Retrieved from ” https: