Select the appropriate syslog facility from the SysLog Facility pull-down menu. The SysLog Facility levels of severity are described in the table below. Firmware Version This is the current software the router is using. Log entries are described in Table The Ident Protocol is a weak scheme to verify the sender of e-mail a common daemon program for providing the ident service is identd. To view the router configuration and system status:.

Enter an e-mail address to appear as the sender. Sometimes, this can not be determined, and will be. Send To E-mail Address. To view the router configuration and system status: You must manually restart the VPN firewall in order for the default settings to take effect.

fvs336g case study

The Logs screen is displayed. Router and Network Management Network Time Protocol NTP is a protocol that is used to synchronize computer clock times in a network of computers. This may take some time.

Follow the To Upgrade steps to download your firmware.

fvs336g case study

Monitoring System Performance Send To E-mail Address. To download a firmware version: This will change if you upgrade.

Select the checkbox and enter the desired increase. Select an NTP Server option: Select the following options: The Port Triggering screen will display.


The service port number of the initiating device, and whether it originated from the. The scan will detect active devices that are not DHCP clients. An E-mail report will be sent immediately before restarting the counter. Click Apply to save your settings.

Univex ProSafe FVSG. Upgrading the Firmware. Page 10

For each PC or device, the following data is displayed Table Select the following options:. To view the most recent entries, click refresh. When you click default, your VPN firewall settings will be erased. In this case, you can edit the entry to add a meaningful name.

Netgear ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit Firewall w SSL IPSEC VPN FVSG EUS Networks Routers

To view the router configuration and system status: The time remaining before this rule is released and made available for other. In the System Logs section, select the type of system events to be logged. This timer is restarted whenever incoming or outgoing traffic is received. Locate the downloaded file and click upload.

To monitor traffic limits on each of the WAN ports: Temporarily increase the Traffic Limit if you have reached the monthly limit, but need to sthdy accessing the Internet. The Incoming ports which are associated the this rule. To monitor the status of the WAN ports:.


Univex ProSafe FVS336G User Manual

Log Identifier is a mandatory field used to identify which device sent the log messages. The Active Users screen is displayed. If you don’t have e-mail notification enabled, you can view the logs by clicking the View Logs option arrow to the right of the tab.

When you upgrade your firmware, this frame will change to reflect the new version. Then enter the user name and password to be used for authentication. Click Yes to enable SysLogs and send messages to the syslog server, then: