August 30, at 4: An increase in the percentage of elderly dependents is a strain on the working population as higher taxation is required to support the pensions of the elderly and to fund services such as health care and specialised homes. Uneven population distribution Sparsely populated rural areas: Also, overfishing destroys food chains and disbalances the symbiotic relationships. The tsunami resulted in , deaths, with , fatalities in Indonesia alone. You are commenting using your Google account.

Choose any example of international migration which you have studied and name the countries between which people moved. Elderly continue to pass on traditions and culture. Also, fishing is very prominent, as the distributaries are colonised by shrimps. Government-funded pensions may have to shrink to cover everybody, leaving many people with less to spend and some in poverty. In other words, they try to avoid adding Co2 to the atmosphere, as carbon dioxide is considered to be responsible for global warming.

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For example, lizards loose their natural habitat. Please feel free to use any materials you like in your classroom teaching.

Join 50 other followers Follow. Shifting cultivation is an agricultural practice in which areas of land are cultivated temporarily and abandoned as they become infertile. The desert environment is also threatened by tourist attractions such as dune bashing. It grows in clear water that is free of sediment so sunlight can pass through.


August 30, at 4: Obstructions on the beach caused a sheltered area. The Wadden Sea provides a large diversity of fish species and other seafood animals, stufy fishery an important industry for the local communities. The Thar Desert is threatened by excessive irrigation which leads to salinization.

Case study: Urban Sprawl – London

August 23, at 9: Again, thank you so much for these resources! April 10, at I am a teacher and i would love to use these case studies in my class while teaching the topic Population.

igcse geography urban sprawl case study

Approximately 13 million Syrians are escaping the war between the Assad regime and non-state armed forces,of which have come to Germany so far. These have spiky leaves to reduce rates of evapotranspiration.

igcse geography urban sprawl case study

Share Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window. You are commenting using your WordPress. April 6, at 6: China became overpopulated since because of: Spillages also pollute the beaches along the British coast eg.

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Menu Skip to content Welcome! April 5, at 3: In Germany, the fertility rate is well below replacement level, having dropped to 1. The sea wall was funded by the Japanese government.


Living near volcanoes, Iceland. In some rural regions, levees were destroyed to allow the water to escape onto flood plains and prevent uncontrolled damage downstream.

Regards, Carina Like Like. February 1, at 5: Furthermore, the burning of fuelwood releases toxic gases which may be trapped in the houses, causing breathing problems or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

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In contrast, services for younger peoplesuch as schools, are underused. For a case study on settlement and service provision in an area, feel free to adapt my case studies on a rural settlement LEDC or MEDCor to create stuudy own. Explain why people live in the area. You are commenting using your Twitter account.