Anyone has any links? How are you all preparing for paper 3? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It is often vague and contains too much extra material. Term 2 Gr12 Lesson Plans: Feel free to share your ideas! Although not directly linked to supermarkets, much of this information can be adapted and applied to the ITGS case study.

Case Study – Data visualisation. It helps check students’ understanding of key vocabulary and concepts, identify unknown words, and to link the case study to some of their prior learning. With lots of specific examples and clear technical detail, this article is an essential ready for teachers and students studing the case study. Forecasting and hypothesis testing A statistical hypothesis test is a method of statistical inference using data from a scientific study. Sign up for a new account in our community.

The disparate systems containing the original data are frequently managed and operated by different employees.

itgs case study 2015 definitions

What is Predictive Analytics? There are great examples in here that clearly relate to several ITGS social and ethical issues. Cluster analysis or clustering is the task of grouping a set of objects in such a way that objects in the same group called a cluster are more similar in some sense or another to each other than itgss those in other groups clusters.

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7 Examples of Big Data – ITGS Case Study 2015

Data, data everywhere discusses Big Data in a variety of contexts, including retailers. Sign in Already have an account?

Case Study – Data visualisation. Case study vocabularly – Quizlet – Flash cards. New perspectives on marketing Focusing specifically on grocery stores and supermarkets, this video examines the collection of use of consumer data. The article also examines regulation of data collection practices and data protection law.


The articles below give an overview of how Just-in-Time delivery is different to Just-in-Case delivery, and how it can benefit businesses. Using Big Data to Improve the Customer Experience This video from Oracle — who produce Big Data sttudy — examines the process and benefits of Big Data analysis using a detailed case study of an online video store. Specific examples of the risks of Big Data seem to be fairly thin on the ground.

ITGS Case Study 2015 – Asociación de Supermercados Independientes – An investigation into Big Data

Case Study is now available. Both the secondary and primary research form the foundation for the Mock examination and also for preparing students for the actual examinations. Sign In Sign Up. Possible Questions for Case Study. ITGS teachers and students are welcome to join the Facebook group: The aim of this task is to familiarise students with the case study. However a recent report by Data.

Posted May 18, ltgs A brief video focused specifically on supermarkets which explains some of the ways Big Data can be used — for example, to determine which products to place near each other on the shelves.

This page contains some of the resources I have found helpful when teaching this case study to my students. Learn how your comment data is processed.

ITGS Case Study Key Terms Presentation by Mateusz Maksymiuk on Prezi

Email required Address never made public. This should help them more fully understand the potential of Big Data before applying their knowledge specifically to supermarkets. It is important to keep good notes so that information can be reviewed before the exam and the related sources can be provided.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your e-mail address will not be published. Definitely worth a watch, as it covers a lot of the key terminology in the case study document.

Such techniques include facial recognition cameras and even the use of WiFi signals to detect the location of customers within the store so that movement patterns can be gathered.

ITGS Terms for Case Study – iety

We discuss the basic tools and theory for signal understanding problems with applications to user modeling, affect recognition, speech recognition and understanding, computer vision, physiological analysis, and more. The questions will require students to re-read key parts of the case study booklet, which is really important to build a more thorough understanding of the case study’s nuances. The case study for May and November is Smart Homes.

itgs case study 2015 definitions

Skip to content Definitions Business intelligence software: For example, a customer sharing articles related to the product on social media may be an indication that they are more interested in the item, and the retailer could raise the price accordingly.