Please enter your name. Most of the time they will know. Perhaps you now know what medical schools are looking for, but perhaps you now realize you do not have it. The worst mistake you can make when reapplying to medical school is just submitting the exact same application from the year before with no improvement or change. Join a collaborative community of students and ask away!

The second most frequently asked question is How can I improve my application for next year? Look at your current score. If you need to retake the MCAT, perhaps it is best to wait another year. If you get a consensus of opinion then your job is clear. But you can change your watering story. Data that we have collected indicate they have a lower acceptance rate than do first time applicants.

What watered that seed that led you to be even more convinced that being a physician is right for you. Admissions offices find it very difficult to tell an applicant that the reason for schol rejection was their poor interview performance.

Remember, you do not want to simply resubmit an application that is the same. We look into your grades, timing, essays, schools you applied to, activities, LOR writers, etc in order to understand what you did right and what you did wrong as a first time applicant. Most of the time they will know.

Listen to this podcast episode with the player above, or keep reading for the highlights and takeaway points. The first thing that applicants should do when faced with the reality of reapplying is to sit down and objectively evaluate all parts of their application, including information submitted with their secondary application You would be surprised at how many applicants do not keep a copy of their secondary. But you can change your watering story. A lot of times, it is.


But how do you know what it is in your application that is causing the schools to be turned off?

med school reapplicant personal statement

Since being rejected from medical school, what did you learn about your perceived shortcomings? No one likes being a medical school reapplicant. I have one interview invite for this cycle.

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Reapplying to Med School: As far as my application is concerned, my stats are low and I see that as the primary hurdle to even being looked at.

The most common mistake students make when they apply to medical school is having not enough clinical exposure or clinical experience.

Christine and I talk about reapplying to stxtement school, as seen through the eyes of someone who has been jed the Admissions Committee. Renee Marinelli MD Advisor. So the best advice is to change as much as you can.

med school reapplicant personal statement

If you need to improve your clinical or volunteer experience, you may also need to wait. But what is it about the application that made one school decide to interview her vs. Finally, go to any number of pre-med web sites for information about interviews.


We will help you figure that out. Simon Bababeygy MD Advisor. Even if you do not apply to the same medical school, the admissions committee will likely know that you were unsuccessful the last time around.

med school reapplicant personal statement

You reapplicaant a golden opportunity to make your application stronger, do not waste it! As a reapplicant, you have both advantages and disadvantages. We will examine your situation and figure out the best program for you.

I feel my personal statement is pretty good and very honest. It is also a missed opportunity to show what you have learned.

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Whether you take courses in a post-bac program or embark on an MS degree program to improve your GPA probably makes little difference to an admissions committee. Mock interviews are sometimes helpful but sometimes they are stayement more demanding that the real thing.

Avani Rao MD Advisor. Do not be discouraged. This is disrespectful to the medical school to which you are applying, and gives the impression that you do not care about the process.