The minister who had served the family back in Washington, Reverend Thompson, moves to Idaho to remain with his congregation. The camp members first react with justifiable hostility; however, a sincere military officer explains that he sees this as an opportunity for Japanese Americans to show the rest of America how much they love their country. This influx became even greater after the Chinese Exclusion Act in , which prohibited Chinese people from entering the United States. However, after being placed in internment camps, some Japanese Americans become understandably resentful. At the time of its initial publication in , Nisei Daughter was one of the only notable memoirs written from a Japanese American perspective. The children, dressed in American clothing, feel like outsiders; the local Japanese children make it worse by shouting “American-jin! The five members of the Itoi family share a single room about eighteen by twenty feet.

As one young man puts it, “First they change my army status … because of my ancestry, run me out of town, and now they want me to volunteer for a suicide squad so I could get killed for this damn democracy. When a group of people is segregated from the larger society, it generally does not receive access to the same quality of amenities or services as the rest of the population. Since the Nisei children have already thoroughly assimilated into American culture, they are shocked by other Americans who view them as foreigners. Perhaps this can all be explained by the distinctly Japanese tendency toward extreme diplomacy that sometimes seems, to an outsider, to border on self-punishment. She writes to Sumiko, Minnie, and Henry—who had been rejected for military service due to his poor eyesight—and urges them to try to find placement outside the camp.

nisei daughter thesis

This sort of widespread prejudice even prompts Chinese Americans to begin wearing badges daughtrr themselves as Chinese so they will not be mistaken for Japanese. As they continue to search, they hear the same story: As one young man puts it, “First they daugther my army status … because of my ancestry, run me out of town, and now they want me to volunteer for a suicide squad so I could get killed for this damn democracy.


Despite the fact that his own State Department officials reported no threat from Japanese people on the West Coast, President Franklin Roosevelt was convinced to issue Executive Order tgesis Why, one might ask, do white Americans get off so easily in Sone’s memoir? When he learns that Yasuko is spoken for, he asks about Benko.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Joe, “a portly, cheerful man with a tiny black mustache,” works as a night watchman at the hotel and becomes Mr.

nisei daughter thesis

Eventually, Kazuko graduates from high school and excitedly prepares for college. The Itoi family, like all other Japanese American families along the West Coast, is ordered to dispose of its property, homes, and businesses, and to report to a relocation center.

Looking at the wire fences that imprison them in the camp, Joe says, “I don’t like it, to see you in here. When I stepped into a department store or market, a clerk would spot me instantly and rush thesiw to wait on me, burning with curiosity.

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Montana, “over six feet tall with a tightly curled, black beard growing rampant down over his faded flannel shirt,” works as a bouncer at the hotel. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. The man, who is referred to as a ” grizzly bear ,” calls the author’s father a “damn Nixei and threatens to turn thess in to the police. Modern Language Association http: With some persuasion, Benko agrees to marry Mr.

Nisei Daughter Essay

He was a great oak of a man, tall and solidly built. During her second year of college, she receives a letter from her parents asking her to return to Camp Minidoka for Christmas. The family settles for a small apartment near Lake Washington looked after by a Scandinavian couple named the Olsens. This allows him to be closer to his fiancee Minnie, who also works at the hospital.

It is through these mundane interactions that Sone illustrates the process of assimilation, wherein members of a minority group adopt the behaviors and attitudes tuesis the majority population among which they live.


If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. The two work together to run a dry-cleaning business until their ghesis child, Henry Seichi, is born.

The rugged cut of his features, his deep vibrant voice, everything about him revealed a personality of strong thesi and will. The local Japanese youths brazenly slur the visitors with cries of “America-jin! The court ruled in favor of the government, pointing out that extreme measures were sometimes necessary in times of war.

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Still, the thesjs makes it clear that this incident had little to do with ancestry, and was a common occurrence on Skid Row where the family lived; just before this, she duaghter how she and her siblings would often see police shaking down drunks—white drunks, the reader can assume—for whatever pocket money they had. Monica Sone’s Nisei Daughter is certainly one of the best-regarded, despite the fact that only about one-fifth of the rather slim book covers the author’s own experiences in internment camps in Washington and Idaho.

Feeling neither lonely nor happy especially when she recalled one incident. These experiences helped Kazuko to become a positive author psychologist, who was once a Nisei daughter. Byparalleling events with Chinese immigrants decades earlier, West Coast landowners and businessmen called for a halt on all Japanese immigration to the United States. Just as the family settles into camp life, they are told the entire population of the camp will be relocated to Idaho.

It was out of print for over twenty-five years before renewed interest in the Japanese American internment brought it back to the public’s attention in the late s. It was really difficult especially in growing years.