They will type or voice record it in class. Finally, if time remains begin taking notes on the Book of the Dead. Thursday, September 20th- Mesopotamia- Babylon. Labeling both ancient cities as well as modern countries and cities. Since, this week has extended periods and we only meet four days and the following week we celebrate Martin Luther King day, on Monday, January 21st and also only have four days of classes. While there’s no telling exactly what each individual visitor needs, most people come to Flagstaff by car.

We will complete a minute presentation about each country in class. Next, s tudents will review practices and concepts of the Hindu Religion by completing a mock interview. After reading write which king went with the myths you just read about. If you would like to bring in a food item to share that would be fun but not required. Students will take notes from a power-point on Heraldry. Then they will create their own coat of arms, with symbols that represent their own personality and family.

Next students will read a secondary source about how Hinduism began, after reading the paper they will write a short persuasive argument if they agreed with the writer of the article or not, why and why not. Review over all notes and flagstfaf that we covered during the geography unit.

npa flagstaff homework now

Next, each table group will get a Roman myth that shapes the kingdoms of the Romans. Once they gather facts, they will create an outline. I was very impressed with many of the groups Flastaff Nome presentations. Wow, can you believe October is coming to an end!


With the remaining amount of time, students will: If your project is the Brochure you need to have a trifold rough draft paper writing down all your classifications and sections about the country you are researching.

Below is the next two weeks at npaa glance. Students will start research on their mini-meso project.

Wednesday, May 22nd- wrap up ballads and start to discuss the Age of Exploration. They will read, discuss and create cuneiform pieces of writing. Who deciphered the Rosetta Stone, when, why and how? Welcome back from a week off, hope you had plenty of fun with family and friends. Finally, students will color and label jpa map of Greece.

npa flagstaff homework now

If you bring in food to share please bring in plates and utensils for this dish about 21 students in a class. Then discuss, as a group how difficult it was for ancient man to survive. They will also discover that time zones are a relatively new concept. Make sure your peer edits are fixed on your final copy and make sure craft project is finished.

Acker, Melissa (Social Studies: Social Studies 6) – Northland Preparatory Academy

The extra credit opportunity this week is to write 3 sentences about Mahatma Gandhi explaining his claim to fame. Acker that is about a famous King. Flagstaff is about miles north of Phoenix Sky Harbor, which takes about 2 hours 15 minutes to drive.

Wednesday, March 1st-Students will argue their side of the proposition against another city-state. Make sure your peer edits are fixed on your final copy bow make sure craft project is finished by Monday night.


npa flagstaff homework now

Who is a Page or Squire? Homework-Read and take Cornell notes on p. Next, then look at the secondary source and compare if your own interpretation of the event is it the same as the secondary source? To learn about the different happening please check SciFest. Below is this week at a glance:. Please pack a sack lunch, bring extra water and wear comfortable shoes, and clothing for the Field Trip.

Then discuss the plague. This week we will pick an invention. If we happen to have another snow day we will just have Spice Day when we return flavstaff he snow day.

Acker, Melissa (Social Studies: Social Studies 6)

Make sure to review over all notes thus far to prepare the the exam on Thursday. Students will continue to compare and contrast myths of Rome to History Essays. They need to print this out and have it ready to turn in on Friday. Using the agreed and voted on constitution students can artistically copy it down to hang up in the classroom.