Respiratory failure of acute organophosphate and carbamate poisoning. Easy availability and low cost has made OP insecticide as an agent of choice for self-poisoning. Initial management of all patients with pralidoxime PAM and atropine were done as per the recommended dosage schedule. Materials From April to April , 68 critical patients with severe organophosphorus poisoning treated in our hospital were enrolled into this study. There was a positive and linear correlation between lag time and mechanical ventilation. There was no statistically significant association with death and age, lag time, severity of poisoning and duration of ventilation independently. The mortality is very high since the victims are predominantly from rural India where poisoning is very severe due to delay in the access to medical management.

Bicarbonate dialysate was used. Once atropinised maintenance dose of mg was given every hourly. Clothes were removed and body was washed with soap water. Along with these, delay in presentation from remote villages further deteriorates the clinical condition of the patient. The mean SD age of the patients was All the OP poisoning victims attending to the Accident and Emergency A and E and subsequently requiring ICU management were screened from the stored data, by one of the researchers, and recorded on an excel sheet.

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Table 3 Comparison of rescue outcomes. Multivariate binary logistic regression analysis with death as the dependent variable and age, lag time to PAM therapy, severity of poisoning and duration of ventilation as the covariates. The financial impact of such therapy, particularly in rural India has been raised as an issue in absence of definite beneficial effect of oximes in OP poisoning.

Observation indexes From hospitalization on, atropinization time, recovery time of cholinesterase activity, recovery time of consciousness, extubation time, length of hospital stay, mortality, poisoning rebound rate, and the success rate of rescue were recorded in orgahophosphorus.


organophosphorus poisoning thesis

Most patients with intermediate syndrome develop respiratory failure, organophosphoruw requires mechanical ventilation. Furthermore, they can protect organs and reduces or even avoids multiple organ failure. Administration of PAM and atropine was continued till the target end point was reached.

Demographic data, month of the year, mode of poisoning, common age group, duration of mechanical ventilation, time of starting pralidoxime PAMand mortality were recorded. Though each predictor age, lag time, severity of poisoning and duration of ventilation is associated with mortality, death due to OP poisoning results from overlapping contribution of these factors.

Effective observation of plasma exchange combined with blood perfusion technique treating severe organophosphorus poisoning. Karalliedde L, Senanayake N. Therefore, these are the people most vulnerable to various emotional conflicts that can occur during this phase of life.

Bicarbonate dialysate was used.

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However, 6 patients finally expired. Patients develop vascular spasm and tissue hypoxia and ischemia induced by a large amount of ACh, which result in the release of a large number of inflammatory mediators, and leads to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome organopjosphorus microcirculation disorder.

Patterns and problems of deliberate self-poisoning in the developing world. However, as a principle, treatment of OP poisoning should be started immediately and must not await the results for serum cholinesterase levels.

However, the confidentiality of the patients was maintained by not mentioning the name, registration number, and the date of birth of the patient. Furthermore, regular drugs are unable to effectively eliminate inflammatory medium formed in the poisoning process, metabolites caused by organ damage or organophosphorus pesticide in the body. Intern Med China ; The oral use of organophosphorus pesticides results in the inhibition of cholinesterase activity and the aggregation of a large number of acetylcholine AChcausing clinical syndrome induced by failure after cholinergic nerve cord excitation.


Hemoperfusion and hemodialysis on the basis of routine emergency treatment for critical patients with organophosphorus poisoning can improve rescue outcomes and improve the prognosis of patients, which should be popularized.

Emergency management in intensive care unit.

organophosphorus poisoning thesis

In Brazil, these compounds are considered one of the main responsible for poisoning. However, there are some limitations about hemoperfusion and hemodialysis treatment: The curative effects in these 2 groups and the prognosis after rescue were compared. Table 5 Multivariate binary logistic regression analysis with death as the dependent variable and age, lag time to PAM therapy, severity of poisoning and duration of ventilation as the covariates.

The inhibition of cholinesterase activity leads to accumulation of acetylcholine at synapses, causing overstimulation poisoninf disruption of neurotransmission in both central and peripheral nervous systems.

Respiratory failure of acute organophosphate and carbamate poisoning. Footnotes Source of Support: Abstract This study reports the clinical emergency treatment of organophosphkrus critical patients with severe organophosphorus poisoning, and analyzes the prognosis after rescue. Among the 34 patients in the treatment group, there is 1 case with renal failure 2.

organophosphorus poisoning thesis

Treatment of Organophosphate Poisoning. Because of the early respiratory failure, cephaledema, and hypoxia, the body generates damage effect and then emits endotoxin and inflammatory mediums, and thus damaging body organs.