If a violation has been uncovered, a reasoned assessment needs to be included concerning the nature of the violation towards the responsible conduct of research as well as a reasoned assessment concerning the severity of the violation and its frequency of occurrence. See Finnish page Sitoutuneet organisaatiot. A written notification A preliminary inquiry The investigation proper The most crucial factors ensuring the fairness of the procedure to all parties are: Furthermore, the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity can also recommend an investigation if it has reason to suspect misconduct within the organisation in question. The investigations into alleged RCR violations do not handle issues that are related to criminal law, immaterial rights or labour law, or into other legal issues that may be related to the alleged violation.

Grading comment Roxanna, Thank You so much!!!! RCR, of good strengh, no murmurs, palpable pulses Explanation: If the approval of the thesis is pending, or the candidate has not yet been granted permission to defend the thesis, the institution can investigate the allegations by following an internal procedure, unless the researcher suspected of a RCR violation insists on an investigation according to these guidelines. A proposal concerning the publishing of the conclusions of the final report as stipulated in Point 9, and possible proposals on how the consequences of the violation should be rectified. You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. The Advisory Board does not conduct the preliminary inquiry or the investigation proper and it does not arrange hearings. On request, The Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity will provide a statement regarding the decision made by the institution.

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Post Your ideas for ProZ. Grading comment Roxanna, Thank You so much!!!! When compiling the statement, the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity may, if needed, request a written response from the parties concerned and from the investigating organisation.

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For the investigation proper, the rector will establish an investigation committee and invite the expert members to join, one of whom will be appointed as chair of the committee. Share this page Share this page on Twitter Facebook.


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These works include textbooks, funding applications, project applications, poster presentations, evaluations of academic theses, and referee statements. Home Clinical radiology Specialty training Radiology Curriculum. This allegation must be submitted to the organisation in which the alleged misconduct has occurred or is presumed to occur.

Investigation of misconduct in Finland The Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK, which is appointed by The Ministry of Education and Culture, has published guidelines for the responsible conduct of research and for handling alleged violations of conduct the RCR guidelines in co-operation with the Finnish research community. View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. These guidelines are also to be adhered to, whenever applicable, when co-operating with enterprises and other partners, either nationally or internationally.

The purpose of the preliminary inquiry is to initially determine the validity of the allegations of cureiculum misconduct that are stated in the notification and the evidence that has been presented to support these allegations. On curriculu basis of the preliminary inquiry, if the allegation turns out to be unfounded, the rector will make a reasoned decision to discontinue the investigation process.

Robert Copeland KudoZ activity Questions: In this case, the rector will make the decision based on the preliminary inquiry, as stipulated in Point 9. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer.

rcr curriculum vitae

Following introduction of the GMC’s new standards for postgraduate curricula the College is rewriting the Clinical and Interventional Radiology curricula. Skip to main content. Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy.

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If the investigation finds that the person alleged of misconduct has not violated the responsible conduct of research, the person alleged of misconduct and the instigator of the allegation must cudriculum notified of this decision. Login to enter a peer comment or grade.


This higher training will focus on either vascular or non-vascular IR, or a combination of both, or fcr and interventional neuroradiology. The allegation regarding RCR misconduct and the decisions related to this allegation during the RCR process are to be reported to TENK, so that it can monitor compliance to the guidelines and the state of research integrity in Finland.

If the person alleged of misconduct works in a research organisation other than the one in which the allegation has been handled or receives external research funding, the employer or the currriculum organisation must be notified of the decision.

Earlier RCR guidelines are used for handling of missconduct cases before March 1, The current RCR guidelines have been applied since March 1, RCR, of good strengh, no murmurs, palpable pulses Entered by: Please click on the links above to see the current curriculum and advice on transferring to the latest curriculum. It is in the mutual interests of society, the research community, and the researchers, to resolve all allegations of research misconduct.

Dr Sue Levy X: An investigation proper is, however, warranted if the preliminary inquiry has revealed indications of wider-ranging misconduct than was initially suspected. The party dissatisfied with the decision may request a statement from the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity within six months of the date of being notified of the decision see Point The Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity may, for well-founded reasons, initiate a further investigation without a request for a statement.

This decision must mention that a party dissatisfied with the decision can request a statement from The Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity within six months of the decision see Point