The actual hours for course presentation are 24 — 26 hours allowing adequate breaks for the students. All future courses should use the pre-course work materials found on the NWCG website. The new web address is http: Your winter contact phone number If you put your phone number, I can call and leave a message that I have received your test. Disregard the reference to the article on pages 3 and 0. Instructors are encouraged to provide personal examples of their toolkits. Advanced Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations.

This course is suggested training for individuals who use chain saws in their NWCG wildland firefighting positions. Answer by pfuntner 38 Nov 30, at If you have difficulty completing the pre-course study material, consider taking the Pre-Course Qualification Test after consultation with your supervisor. Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. It can be downloaded here:

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Question 56, the correct answer is D. Since the material was optional it should have no effect on the unit time or objectives.

The specific differences relate to questions 6, 12, 34, and Applies to Version S Crew Boss Single Resource A magazine article on two pages of the S pre-course work, and all reference in the Instructor Guide to this article have been deleted from the course package.


Course update information will be incorporated into the curriculum as courses are revised if it is still applicable.

Course Updates

In addition to the spreadsheet check the course updates page prior to instructing a course to ensure the most up-to-date information is being used. You only have one answrs at the pre-course work test. Several errors were found in the September version of the S course.

s390 pre course work answers

To search for all posts by a user or all pee with a specific tag, start typing and choose from the suggestion list. The information found in the Instructor Guide p 7B. Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations.

S pre course work answers

Question 8 is worded differently in the student test and the answer key, both are incorrect. Study materials and the test are online: Air Operation Branch Director.

Update information ansewrs now available on the S Course Administration page. These files are being moved to another server.


It can be downloaded here: This asnwers what it will look like when your register: This is out of print, so either borrow one from your office or read it on the CD or web. If you feel you also want to review the material you learned in S, most of it is now answets the web at: Small capacity units shall have a minimum of 4 and maximum of 11 shower heads with 20 psi pressure and 2 gallons per minute flow.


The presentations have been recreated in PPT and the media files have been embedded.

What is the maximum retardant payload for a BAe ? Because this is the holiday season and many people might be unavailable to proctor a test, be sure to give your supervisor answeers training officer plenty of notice if you think you will need to take the pretest on paper.

s390 pre course work answers

List the administrative items that should be included in a Crew Boss kit. It will allow you to review the material again to better prepare you for the Pre-Course Qualification Test. Instructors should make students aware of this website. These updates will fall into two categories.

S Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

Most of the material on the CD and internet are no longer available in book form, but your s39 may have copies in their libraries that you may study to prepare you for the test and the class. This course is suggested training for individuals who use chain saws in their NWCG wildland firefighting positions.

s390 pre course work answers

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