To assist the process the Main Library changed the focus of the existing postgraduate seminars to reflect on techniques of literature search; report writing; note taking; bibliographic references. The deadline for changing your title is September see guidelines for date. Intellectual Property IP Law. Disclaimer Privacy Statement Contact Us. Note that you should also register for this course again in semester II January-February.

United States 3 years. Given that a collective work may be considered only if it constitutes the result of a collaborative effort, and if there is substantive integration of chapters, explain as clearly as possible how the work meets these criteria. Sc 41 37 78 Ph. Examination of thesis—regulations governing the appointment of Examiners; oral examination. Insper Institute of Education and Research.

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Sincehowever, some theses had been deposited in the Cave Hill Library, the Librarian of that campus having then suggested that selection might be according to need, from theses submitted by candidates who did their research in subjects which were taught on that campus. The title not topic of your paper may be changed only with the expressed approval of your supervisor. Has any portion of this work been published before, or is any part about to appear in print, in the same or a somewhat different form?

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uwi cavehill thesis guide

Students in UGC-funded programmes are billed the relevant tuition fees and economic costs every semester until their degree is awarded. This in turn helps the Academic Librarian to cope more adequately with reference enquiries that arise out of the discipline uwii makes it easier to fashion out a more amenable landscape in reference enquiries which are so vitally important in the pursuit of knowledge.

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The form will be available online. It facilitates bibliographical control and services. The copyright of a University of the West Indies thesis belongs to the author. Given that a collective work may be considered only if it constitutes the result of a collaborative effort, and if there is substantive integration of chapters, explain as clearly as possible how the work thssis these criteria.

Augustine has sustained its routine methodology for microfilming theses.

uwi cavehill thesis guide

Current status of the work. Students taking approved alternatives should note that these two courses cannot be any one of the compulsory courses required for the Major.

This first Thesis Guide was quite clear in its intention: To remain on the Register of Students you students must register on-line every semester and pay the applicable fees until your degree has been awarded. Into which discipline does this work fall? Graduate Studies and Research Tel.

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Sc 41 37 78 Ph. Request a Status Letter. Forthwith, the Library administration commenced a review of gkide University’s policies and practice in handling theses and dissertations.


Table of Contents—purpose and nature, arrangement.

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A closer look at the major components of preliminary and subsidiary matters underscores the intellectualism of the Librarian’s in—put in thesis writing. The indexing programme aims to bring the published output of the region’s journal and report literature under full bibliographical control.

uwi cavehill thesis guide

At present there are some reels of microfilm masters which could be duplicated for use on request. How to Get an LL. Aided by this caveill weapon UWI seeks: Theses are the end product of research.

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Prospective Authors Submission Guidelines We welcome your written proposal or prospectus and will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. This article deals with the practice at St. They are significant links in the chain of ‘advancing knowledge’, ‘integrating knowledge’. Submission of thesis—procedures to be followed. Abstracts of the Agricultural literature of the Caribbean.

Augustine in relation to theses submitted at all levels masters and doctorate of postgraduate work.