University of the West Indies theses are available for public reference, inter—library loan and copying in accordance with relevant copyright legislation. Checking this gives the Academic Librarian a much more heightened perspective of the structural breakdown of the topic researched. Authorship study might indicate an increasing trend toward multiple authorship. Theses, primary source materials, are all about original knowledge. The Evolution of Librarian Involvement.

It should represent a perfect platform to conduct bibliometric analysis of citations. Librarians are involved in numerous activities that are steeped in scholarship and intellectualism. The University Council appoints as University Librarian one of the Librarians responsible for the administration of the library services of a campus. This article will dwell on the model that obtains at the St. Augustine campus paid off.

Examination of thesis—regulations governing the appointment of Examiners; oral examination.


UWI Main Library, to present. You will be advised if you need to do further Library corrections or proceed to step 6.

uwi thesis declaration form

Social Sciences and Humanities a semi—annual guide to the social sciences and humanities literature published in the English—speaking Caribbean. This in turn helps the Academic Librarian to cope more adequately with reference enquiries that arise out of the discipline and makes it easier to fashion out a more amenable landscape in reference enquiries which are so vitally important thdsis the pursuit of knowledge.

uwi thesis declaration form

It facilitates bibliographical control and services. Sc 77 92 Ph. This Co—ordinator of Theses is responsible for all matters relating to thesis checking by Librarians.

In such a case return to Step 1 i when ready to re-submit. This article deals with the practice at St. One such, as evolved at the Main Library of the St. The rationale for this project stemmed from veclaration university’s desire to preserve the many theses and dissertations which have been held in typescript for several years, some of which date as far back aslong before the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture ICTA and the University College of the West Indies were merged and the University of the West Indies became an independent institution.


Please advise student that three copies of the thesis should now be submitted to the Main Library for binding in accordance with the University’s regulations. At a meeting sponsored by the Organisation of American States OAS at the Declaation Jamaica campus of the UWI in Novemberseveral declarstion Library—related project dsclaration were discussed as part of the University’s on—going programme for Library development and the highest priority was accorded a proposal for a UWI Microfilming and Indexing project.

However, before any individual or institution is permitted to read, borrow or copy any part of a thesis, that person or institution must sign a declaration which states: With effect from January it was felt that in the interest of promptness, and given the close links between Users’ Services Librarians and the Faculties, Users’ Services Librarians should be solely responsible for thesis checking.

A microfilm master of each thesis received in the Library is prepared and kept at the Bindery and Conservation Unit of the Main Library.

In the second campus was established at St. It covers journal articles, conference proceedings, reports of selected bodies and theses presented to the University of the West Indies. At this point of entry the Academic Librarian gets a glimpse of the cognitive processes and research methods deployed. The regulations stipulate that “the thesis must form a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject and afford evidence of originality shown either by the discovery of new facts or by the exercise of independent critical power.


7-Step Guide to preparing for Examination of Theses

Now discontinued and appearing as Vol. Librarians are involved in numerous activities that are steeped in scholarship and intellectualism. Up to December responsibility for these checking was shared between the Technical Services Section and the Users’ Services Section.

Augustine campus, where those faculties are located. Harrod, Firm Montague ed.

uwi thesis declaration form

Each campus library has its own Campus Librarian responsible for the running of the library of that campus. Layout—the correct sequencing of the title page, abstract, acknowledgements if anytable of contents, lists of figures, tables, illustrations, charts, appendices udi.

7-Step Guide to preparing for Examination of Theses

Association of College and Research Libraries. The undermentioned are statistics of theses submitted at the St. The thesis’ author and advisor are responsible for ensuring that the submitted thesis satisfies accepted standards of usage for scholarly writing…” [Thesis Guide February ].

Forthwith, the Library administration commenced a review of the University’s policies and practice in handling theses and dissertations. This first Thesis Guide was quite clear in its intention: Augustine Library created an electronic on—line database for University of the West Indies theses. Augustine Campus by the government of Trinidad and Tobago. Augustine, Ordinance 7 was amended to provide for the deposit of two copies of each thesis accepted.